About us

When scientific accuracy meets in-depth product knowledge, you have arrived at “The Derma Check”. It is a matter close to our hearts to establish competent and independent test reports that will always serve you as a trustworthy guide in the realm of skin cosmetics.

Our mission

With a passion for precision and comprehensibility.
In our quest to be the undisputed source of information on cosmetic products, we combine the ease of understanding with the weight of real expertise. Our mission is to build a library of trust and truth where you can feel confident in every skincare issue.

Our history

From the first spark to the flame – “The Derma Check” is the fireworks of decades of passion for cosmetic science. Born in 2023 out of a need to bring light-filled clarity to the shadows of the cosmetics industry, our project has seen a rapid growth of inquisitive minds. With every new product that finds its way into our test lab, our archive of findings grows – and with it the enrichment for our readers.

Who we are

A kaleidoscope of expertise – the team at “The Derma Check” is just as diverse as our readership. With the strictest test protocols and an editorial dedication that is second to none, we put every skincare product through its paces. We embrace diversity in every aspect of our work and use genders not only out of conviction, but also out of respect for our readers.

Our responsibility

Integrity is our DNA. In a world where words seem to be for sale, our ethos remains unsaleable. Affiliate marketing is a part of our ecosystem, but an aspect that will never undermine our independence. Every product recommendation, every ranking list and every evaluation is produced with the greatest possible objectivity – your trust is our greatest asset.

We do not whisper in the ear of the industry, but speak directly to the heart of our readers. When we receive a commission, it is done openly, honestly and without influencing your experience or our recommendation. Because you are the reason why we decided to set up “The Derma Check”.

Find out more about how we test and evaluate products here.

Network with us

A dialog that moves.
Feedback and interaction are not only welcome, they are encouraged. Their input is the driving force behind our growth, the inspiration for our research and the pillar of our community.

We are “The Derma Check” – together with you on a missionary journey to a world in which skincare holds no secrets.

Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Write to us at: feedback@thedermacheck.com.

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