Our test and evaluation standards

At “The Derma Check”, we understand our users’ need for transparent and reliable product reviews.

Our aim is to provide fact-based, comprehensive and comprehensible advice that gives customers the confidence to make an informed decision.

Below we explain our detailed product testing and evaluation process.

I. Product selection: guaranteeing diversity and representativeness

30 eyelash serums in the test

1. market research and trend analysis

The basis of every testing process is the careful selection of the products to be tested. In doing so, we are guided by current trends, consumer interests and scientific findings.

2 Focus on diversity

We consider a wide range of products – from classics to innovative new releases. Niche products and special skin needs such as allergies or special care requirements are also taken into account.

3. independent and transparent product procurement

All products are purchased anonymously by our team. In order to meet the high standards of objectivity, we consistently reject free test samples from manufacturers. In this way, we ensure that we receive and test the products that our readers also receive when they make a purchase.

II Safety and ingredient analysis

1. detection of ingredients

A core element of our tests is the analysis of the ingredients, taking dermatological standards and scientific data into account.

2. verification of security certificates

Certifications such as the ECARF seal for allergy-friendly products are included in our considerations to ensure the reliability and safety of skin care products.

3. limit values and compatibility

Where possible, we ensure compliance with limit values and include information on known intolerances and allergens in our assessment.

III Practical application: A relevant factor

Product analysis

1. user:internal test

Practical application is an important criterion. Our testers evaluate criteria such as applicability, absorption, consistency and effectiveness of the product.

2. long-term studies

For certain products, we carry out long-term studies to document the effects and changes to the skin over a longer period of time.

3. packaging and product safety

The packaging is also assessed: We check whether it is functional and protects the quality of the contents from external influences.

IV. Evaluating transparency and manufacturer communication

1. clarity of product information

We assess the clarity and completeness of the information on ingredients and instructions for use.

2. customer service and responsiveness

The accessibility and helpfulness of the manufacturer’s customer service in the event of queries and problems are included in our overall rating.

3. ethics and corporate responsibility

As part of our transparent evaluation process, we include ethical aspects such as sustainable production and the social responsibility of manufacturers.

V. Analysis of customer feedback and professional criticism

Dermatologist talking to a client explaining a facial rejuvenation procedure

1. evaluation of customer experiences

We record and analyze customer reviews from various sources in detail.

2. scientific publications and reviews

To ensure a robust evaluation basis, we also take into account independent studies and specialist articles on the respective product type.

3. dialog with experts

Our network of dermatologists and cosmetics experts is regularly consulted for professional assessments.

VI Documentation of side effects and risks

1. critical active ingredients and long-term effects

While our studies meticulously document side effects, we refer to possible long-term effects, particularly in the case of critical active ingredients.

2. evaluation of warnings

The comprehensiveness and visibility of warnings about risks and side effects by manufacturers are an important part of our analysis.

3. feedback and issues

Our team collects feedback on side effects from customers and checks these for their substance and frequency.

VII Price-performance ratio and conclusion

1. comparative cost analysis

In addition to product performance, we also consider the price in order to assess the relationship between costs and benefits.

2. market comparisons

We not only compare products with each other, but also put them in relation to other products on the market.

3. conclusion for our users

Finally, we bundle all the information into a comprehensive evaluation that enables our users to make an informed purchasing decision.

Our aim is to provide you, the consumer, with reliable and comprehensive support when choosing your skincare products. We invite you to join us on a journey through the world of derma cosmetics to discover and evaluate the best products together.