Our editorial guidelines

Welcome to “The Derma Check”, where trust in reliable and thoroughly researched information prevails.

Objective of our articles

Our articles aim to be not only informative, but also well-founded and ensure that our readers leave our portal with added knowledge. They combine the latest scientific findings with practical advice and are tailored to the needs of our readers.

1.1 Use of understandable language

Translating complex topics into a language that everyone understands is one of our core tasks. We make sure that scientific accuracy does not fall by the wayside.

1.2 User-friendliness and accessibility

Skin care information is only of value if it is easily accessible and applicable. Our content is therefore friendly and practically oriented to ensure that you can integrate it into your everyday life.

Journalistic claims

2.1 Selection and briefing of qualified authors

Our authors undergo a rigorous selection process and receive regular briefings to ensure that their expertise meets our high standards and that they have the skills to convey complex topics in an understandable way.

2.2 Process of the detailed briefing

Every article begins with a thorough briefing in which the objectives and requirements are clearly outlined. Our authors are prepared to carefully consider every aspect of the design of the article.

2.3 Constantly striving for editorial excellence

For us, maintaining editorial integrity is not a one-off act, but an ongoing endeavor to improve and adapt to new findings and standards.

Sources and references

3.1 Basics of reliable sourcing

Our sources are transparent, verified and usually come directly from the original publications of scientific papers.

3.2 Dealing with primary and secondary sources

We rely primarily on primary sources – these provide the original data and results – and only use secondary sources if they are highly reliable and recognized.

3.3 Responsible inclusion of specialist literature

When citing specialist literature, we practice mindfulness and always provide the context of the information used in order to create a transparent and reliable knowledge base.

Our experts

4.1 Team spectrum: from cosmetics to marketing

Experts from various fields are involved in the creation of our content. This diverse know-how ranges from cosmetics and beauty to marketing and journalism, enabling us to create holistic and multidimensional content.

4.2 Selection criteria for technical experts

The selection of our experts is based on strict criteria. We value recognized degrees, relevant professional experience and a passionate dedication to the field to ensure the highest standards of our content.

4.3 Diversity and expertise in the expert team

We value the diversity in our team of experts. Different perspectives enrich our work and guarantee that comprehensive and balanced information is passed on to our readers.

Our dermatologists

5.1 Role and importance of the medical review

Our content is not only expertly written, but in some cases medically reviewed by dermatologists to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information and to act responsibly. We mark articles that have undergone a medical check.

5.2 Differentiation from product tests and rankings

It should be emphasized that although our dermatologists review the articles for medical accuracy, they are not involved in product testing or the creation of product rankings and these articles do not reflect their personal opinions.

Use of A.I. in the editorial process

6.1 Potential and limitations of A.I.-created content

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) can be helpful in many areas, but it is crucial to understand that A.I.-generated content can be prone to errors. We use A.I., but we are also concerned about the limits of this technology.

6.2 A.I. in the category “Ingredients A-Z”

Especially in our category “Ingredients A-Z” A.I. is used to create the content. These articles are primarily intended to provide a quick overview and are continuously improved and supplemented by human expertise.

6.3 Future transformation to human-written articles

In the long term, we plan to replace all A.I.-generated content with human-generated and dermatologically tested articles to ensure the highest possible accuracy and reliability.

6.4 Labeling and transparency of A.I. contributions

Until this transformation process is complete, we clearly mark which articles were written by A.I. and have therefore not yet been reviewed by human experts.

Translations and their challenges

7.1 Demand for multilingual accuracy

We are aware of the importance of correct translations. Every reader, regardless of their language, deserves access to accurate and reliable information. For this reason, we strive for the highest quality in our translations.

7.2 Combined use of A.I. and professional translators

To cover a wide range of languages, we use both advanced A.I. technology and the expertise of professional translators. This combination ensures a balance between efficiency and precision.

7.3 Limitations and striving for error-free translations

Despite our extensive efforts and meticulous methodology, errors may occur in translations. We are constantly working to minimize such errors, but cannot guarantee complete freedom from errors.

7.4 Importance of feedback on the translation process

We take feedback from our international readers very seriously, as it helps us to continuously improve the quality of our translations. Please do not hesitate to inform us of any ambiguities or errors.

Our product test procedure

8.1 Reference to detailed test standards

For a more detailed description of our methodology, please refer to this separate subpage. There you will find detailed information on our product testing process, which ranges from the selection of products to the final evaluation.

8.2 Holistic view of the test methodology

We evaluate products holistically – this includes analysis of ingredients, safety, efficacy and user experience. This enables us to provide comprehensive information about the advantages and disadvantages.

Our update process

9.1 Regular review and updating

We are aware of the dynamics in this industry – new findings must be incorporated into our content. That is why we regularly review our articles and update them accordingly.

9.2 Adaptation to new scientific findings

Our team strives to stay up to date. Whenever a field of knowledge evolves, we are ready to update our content accordingly.

9.3 Involving users in the update process

Your feedback is particularly important to us because it helps us to improve our content. We try to take into account any feedback we receive and can lead to important updates.

9.4 Importance of feedback and continuous improvement

We see the editorial process as a partnership between us and our readers. Your feedback is an essential part of our continuous improvement efforts.

Our medical advice

10.1 Scope and limits of our content

Our content is carefully researched but is not a substitute for a visit to the doctor. We would like to point out that no one should use our information material as the sole basis for medical decisions.

10.2 Exclusion of liability and proper use of the information

We take great care to be transparent with our readers about the boundaries of the information shared on “The Derma Check”. Accordingly, we have a disclaimer to ensure the correct understanding of the content.

10.3 Importance of professional medical advice

If you have any concerns about your skin health, we strongly recommend that you consult a qualified dermatologist. Our information is not intended as a substitute.

10.4 Responsible behavior of readers

We appeal to our readers to take personal responsibility when dealing with health information. It is important to always act in a critical and informed manner.

Our language: clear and empathetic

11.1 Use of clear, simple language

We are convinced that complex facts should be communicated in understandable language in order to achieve a broad impact. Our texts are therefore not only precise, but also clear and easy to understand in order to ensure accessibility in the transfer of knowledge.

11.2 Value courtesy and empathy

Each of our articles is written with the value of politeness and empathetic use of language. We strive to create an atmosphere of trust and support for our readership through our choice of words.

11.3 Use of unprejudiced and inclusive language

Our editorial approach attaches great importance to freedom from prejudice and inclusion. Language is powerful, and we want to ensure that our texts do not convey any unintended bias and signal appreciation for a broad audience.

11.4 Striving for a positive reading experience

We know that, at its best, reading is not only informative but also enjoyable. We therefore aim to design our articles in such a way that, in addition to their informative function, they also offer a positive reading experience.


12.1 Commitment to continuous improvement

We never rest on our laurels, but see every day as an opportunity to become even better. Our commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in the constant quality assurance of our content and in dialog with our community.

12.2 Openness for dialog and reader interaction

Your opinion is important to us, and we encourage our readers to enter into dialog with us. Whether you have feedback, suggestions or questions, our editorial team is ready for open and constructive interaction.

12.3 Acknowledgements and invitation to participate

Finally, we would like to thank you, our readers, for your trust and loyalty. The exchange with you is an ongoing source of inspiration and motivation for us. We cordially invite you to be part of our growth story and to discover and understand the world of cosmetics with us.

With these editorial guidelines, we would like to make a commitment to you, our readers, to work transparently and carefully in order to provide you with high-quality and trustworthy content. “The Derma Check” stands for accuracy, reliability and a consistently positive experience in dealing with skin care and cosmetics. We look forward to continuing our cooperation and your valuable contribution as part of our community.