Butylene glycol in skin care products: A versatile moisturizer

February 2024
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  • Type of ingredient: moisturizer, solvent
  • Main benefits: Improves skin absorption of other ingredients, moisturizes, acts as a solvent in skin care products
  • Who it is suitable for: Suitable for most skin types, especially dry skin
  • Frequency of use: Regularly included in skin care products
  • Can be combined with: Most skin care ingredients
  • Do not use with: In case of known hypersensitivity to butylene glycol

What is butylene glycol?

Butylene glycol is a commonly used ingredient in skin care that serves as a moisturizer and solvent. It is an alcohol that helps to make products smoother and improve the absorption of other ingredients by the skin.

Advantages of butylene glycol

Improves the product texture

Butylene glycol contributes to skin care products having a more pleasant consistency and being easier to spread on the skin.

Supports the effectiveness of other ingredients

By acting as a solvent, butylene glycol helps other beneficial ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Moisturizing properties

It helps to hydrate the skin and bind moisture in the skin, which is particularly beneficial for dry skin types.

Possible side effects

Although butylene glycol is generally well tolerated, irritation may occur in rare cases, especially in people with sensitive skin or hypersensitivity to the ingredient.

Application of butylene glycol

Frequent ingredient in skin care products

Butylene glycol is found in many different types of skincare products, from serums to moisturizers.

No special application method required

As butylene glycol is an excipient, consumers do not need to follow any special application guidelines. It is used together with other ingredients in a product.

How not to use butylene glycol

  • Do not use in pure form: Butylene glycol should not be applied pure to the skin, as it can have an irritating effect in concentrated form.
  • Caution for sensitive skin: People with sensitive skin should use products with a high butylene glycol content with caution.

FAQ about butylene glycol

Can butylene glycol cause acne?

Butylene glycol by itself does not normally cause acne, but it can contribute to blemishes when combined with other comedogenic ingredients.

Is butylene glycol safe to use?

Yes, butylene glycol is considered safe in the usual concentrations for skin care products.

What types of products often contain butylene glycol?

It is often found in moisturizers, serums, cleansers and other skin care products.


Butylene glycol is an important ingredient in many skincare products, improving texture, enhancing the effectiveness of other ingredients and moisturizing. When used properly, it is a safe and effective ingredient that helps to care for and protect the skin.

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