Sodium deoxycholate in skin care products: An active ingredient with special properties

February 2024
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  • Type of ingredient: Bile salt
  • Main benefits: Supports fat dissolution and skin tightening
  • Ideal for: Cosmetic treatments to reduce localized fat deposits
  • Frequency of use: As directed by a doctor or in specific cosmetic treatments
  • Combines well with: Usually used as a specific active ingredient in dermatological treatments
  • To be avoided with: Uncontrolled use and in case of hypersensitivity

Introduction: What is sodium deoxycholate?

Sodium deoxycholate, a bile salt used in medicine and cosmetics for specific applications, is becoming increasingly important in aesthetic dermatology.

Benefits of sodium deoxycholate for the skin

Reduction of localized fat deposits

Sodium deoxycholate is often used in treatments to reduce fat deposits, such as injection lipolysis.

Firming effect

The reduction of fat cells can lead to a visible tightening of the skin.

Possible side effects

Local reactions

Redness, swelling and pain may occur at the injection site.

Limited areas of application

The application is limited to specific areas and should only be carried out by qualified personnel.

Use of sodium deoxycholate in skin care

Correct application

  • Professional treatment: Sodium deoxycholate is usually administered in the form of injections by trained specialists.
  • Targeted application: Use is limited to specific areas of the body and applications.

How not to use it

  • Do not use on your own: Due to its potent effect and possible side effects, sodium deoxycholate should not be used independently.
  • Consideration of medical conditions: Do not use with known allergies or certain medical conditions.


1. is sodium deoxycholate safe? Sodium deoxycholate is considered safe in the hands of qualified personnel and when used correctly.

2 Who is treatment with sodium deoxycholate suitable for? Suitable for people who want to reduce localized fat deposits and have no relevant health risks.

3. how quickly do you see results? Results can vary, usually several treatments are necessary to achieve visible effects.


Sodium deoxycholate is a specialized active ingredient in aesthetic dermatology and can effectively contribute to the reduction of localized fat deposits. However, it should only be used under professional supervision to ensure safety and efficacy. When used correctly, it offers an interesting option for cosmetic body contouring treatments.

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