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The 5 Best and Safest Eyelash Serums of 2024 (3 Serums Were Rated “Poor”)

A lot of eyelash serums don’t work. Our experts will reveal which serums can be relied on for long, curved, and voluminous lashes, and which ones should be approached with caution.

Issue June 2024
Derma Check Prüfteam

Investigated and tested by

Dr. Rosmy Barrios 125

Medically reviewed by

Eyelash Growth Serums Tested - The Derma Check
Eyelash Growth Serums Tested - The Derma Check
“Over a period of several months, we tested 31 eyelash serums in depth, analysed pertinent scientific studies and consulted with dermatologists.
We were particularly impressed with the eyelash serum Orphica Realash, which stood out as the clear test winner with extraordinary effectiveness and scoring the top mark of “Outstanding” with 9.8 points out of 10.
Another two serums also impressed with an “Excellent” rating.
Regrettably, we had to award 3 products a rating of “Poor”.”
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Long, voluminous, and curled eyelashes give the eyes a particularly profound and expressive look. So it doesn’t come as a great surprise that products such as fake lashes, lash extensions and mascara have been hugely popular for many years.

Instead of relying on temporary fixes such as glue-on lashes, however, people are now looking for a more natural way to strengthen, lengthen and thicken their own eyelashes.

An ever-increasing number of people are turning to eyelash serums as the answer. Renowned for providing an effective, efficient, and practical solution that nourishes your own natural lashes from the inside out, they encourage their growth and achieve the overall appearance of thicker, fuller lashes. [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

What Should You Really Expect From A High-Quality Eyelash Serum?
Month 1

You might start to notice improvements to the length and thickness of your eyelashes after even a short time. You should, however, take any promises of dramatically longer eyelashes within the first month with a pinch of salt – significant changes take time.

Month 2

Many people notice a significant lengthening and thickening of their eyelashes after using a high-quality eyelash serum for two months, which leads to a noticeably stronger lash line. What’s more, this could significantly reduce the need for mascara since the natural lashes will now look much longer and fuller.

Month 3

Many users experience an impressive transformation of their eyelashes after three months, and often describe this as a difference “like night and day”. If you want to make the most of your new serum, we will therefore recommend that you use it continuously throughout this period.

Maintenance of results

To sustain the achieved results it is usually enough to repeat the treatment 2-3 times a week. If you stop the treatment altogether, your eyelashes will eventually revert to their former appearance.

Additional Tip: Should you prefer less intensive growth and volume of your lashes, you can reduce the number of applications to 2-3 times a week right from the start instead of using the serum on a daily basis.

But Watch Out: A lot of Eyelash Serums Don’t Work

“Many of the eyelash serums available on the market, especially the lower quality ones, fail to live up to their promises”, Dr Rosmy Barrios warns.

“A top-quality eyelash serum can work wonders,” explains Dr Rosmy Barrios, a consultant in aesthetic medicine. “It helps nourish the eyelashes, encourages growth and therefore creates a visibly bolder appearance.”

Reality, however, often disappoints: “Many of the eyelash serums out on the market, and particularly those of a lower quality, do not live up to their promises,” warns Dr Rosmy Barrios. 

“They don’t deliver the long, lush and full lashes you’re hoping for because they don’t contain the high-quality ingredients necessary.”

Faced with a flood of (empty) promotional promises from the cosmetics industry, consumers find it challenging to correctly identify which eyelash serums will truly result in visibly longer and thicker lashes.

For this reason, our proven Derma Check test team has put 31 popular eyelash serums through extensive testing based on trials, research results, our in-house analysis and countless product reviews.

Thanks to this in-depth approach, we can recommend the eyelash serums we believe to be the safest, most effective, and best, as well as those whose ability to deliver clearly visible results we are convinced of.

Is Using an Eyelash Serum Worth Your While?

The use of eyelash serums is appealing for a variety of individual requirements and purposes. Here are some examples of people for whom eyelash serums are particularly beneficial:

  • For people who would like longer, thicker, and bolder eyelashes.
  • For people who have fine or thinning eyelashes and would like to boost them.
  • For people who are looking for an alternative to eyelash extensions, fake lashes, or mascara.
  • For people who would like to revitalise their eyelashes after using make-up remover or any other aggressive cosmetics on a regular basis.
  • For people who are looking for a natural, easy-care look without the need to apply make-up every day.
  • For people who would like to restore their eyelashes after they might have been lost due to illness or medical treatment (consultation with a doctor is advised).

How Can You Find the Best and Most Suitable Lash Serum?

What Makes a Good Lash Serum
What defines a good eyelash serum? We have analysed numerous serums in detail and determined the most important criteria for a high-quality eyelash serum.

The reason why the majority of users want to use an eyelash serum is because they want their lashes to be visibly longer and more voluminous. 

That’s why we based our testing criteria on eyelash serums with PGA, because they are best able to satisfy this need.

Consequently, we considered the following five criteria to be of particular importance in our test:

  1. Ingredients with a growth-promoting effect:
    If you want an eyelash serum to really deliver more length and fullness, it should incorporate a prostaglandin analogue as an active ingredient.
  2. Fast and efficient results:
    A good eyelash serum will deliver demonstrable results in the form of longer, thicker, and stronger lashes over a reasonable period of time, mostly in as little as 14 to 21 days.
  3. Good tolerance:
    The lash serum should have been formulated to be gentle on the skin and eyes and should ideally have been dermatologically tested to help minimise the risk of irritation and allergies.
  4. Ease of use:
    Ease and precision of application, using an applicator capable of targeted and efficient dosing, is essential for a high-quality eyelash serum.
  5. Value for money:
    According to our test, effective eyelash serums generally cost somewhere between €50 and €100. If the product is considerably cheaper, you should be sceptical. If you are paying more than 100 euros, you are essentially footing the bill for product marketing.
Expert Advice
“We would strongly suggest using one of the eyelash serums from the following list of top products.
Based on our tests, these products lead the field in their category. In addition, you minimise the risk of making a poor choice, because many eyelash serums on the market contain questionable ingredients and dubious formulas.
In our experience, you can expect to see significant improvements and visible results after just 14-21 days with the following eyelash serums.”
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The 5 Best and Safest Eyelash Serums in our 2024 Test

31 Eyelash Serums
Issue: 06/2024
Wimpernserum Orphica Realash Testsieger Mobile
23,781 Reviews
31 Eyelash Serums
Issue: 06/2024
9.8/10 – Outstanding
Wimpernserum Orphica Realash Testsieger
Ingredients & Safety: 9.7/10
(0 = worrying) (10 = very safe)
Lash Growth: 10/10
(0 = weak) (10 = very strong)
Lash Density: 9.8/10
(0 = Not dense) (10 = very dense)
Customer Feedback: 9.8/10
(0 = Poor) (10 = Excellent)
Value for Money: 9.8/10
(0 = Poor) (10 = Excellent)
Buy Product Securely
Test Winner 2024
Realash achieved the best results in the test.
Fastest results, mostly after only 2 weeks.
Lashes grow significantly longer and thicker.
Eyelashes grow more resilient, more voluminous and appear darker.
Innovative and potent active ingredients.
Brush allows for precise and smudge-free application.
Realash has scored top results in the trade press and in tests for years.
Is part of “Orphica”, a reputable and internationally active brand with headquarters in France.
Did not trigger any irritation, redness, or other side effects in the test.
Out of stock frequently.
Watch out for fakes – you can only get guaranteed authentic products from an authorised retailer.

The “Realash” eyelash serum from Orphica fulfilled all the criteria required of a first-class and effective eyelash serum in our test most impressively.

As a result, it is the winner of our test and, according to our results, currently the leading eyelash serum in Europe.

What Kind of People is This Eyelash Serum Particularly Suitable for?

We would recommend this serum especially to anyone who would like to visibly lengthen, thicken, and strengthen their natural eyelashes and simultaneously minimise the risk of potential side effects associated with prostaglandin analogue-based lash serums.

The Realash serum has been established and proven on the market for years thanks to its proven and dermatologically tested formulation of active ingredients.

How Effective and Safe is Realash?

The active ingredient in Realash is a prostaglandin analogue which, when combined with the other components in the formula, has an excellent, swift, and verifiable effect.

There are very few reports of side effects. This is an indication of the high tolerability and safety of the ingredients used.

During our test, we found that the applicator made it possible to apply a precise and uniform dose. The serum features a pleasant consistency that helps prevent smudging or unintentional eye contact. This is important to prevent irritation and discomfort.

How Happy Are the Users?

Both the results of our in-house testing and the reviews of external consumers show a consistently high level of satisfaction with the effectiveness of the eyelash serum.

The users emphasised especially how quickly and noticeably effective the serum is, as well as its outstanding tolerability.

Below you can see the results of one of our test participants:

Wimpern vor der Orphica Realash Anwendung 1000Orphica Realash Wimpern Ergebnisse 1000
Note: You can move the slider to the right or left to see the differences. The pictured user applied the “Realash” lash serum regularly and is not wearing any make-up in either photo. In addition, the “BROW” eyebrow serum was used to regenerate and enhance the eyebrows, which she claims were previously over-plucked. There is no doubt that there is a noticeable difference

How About the Value for Money?

When compared directly with other premium lash serums also based on prostaglandin analogues (PGA), the “Realash” serum stands out due to its excellent value for money.

The price positions it below many competitor products without any compromise on quality and effectiveness.

Considering the high-quality, effective formula and the excellent reputation of the Orphica brand, we feel that the price of the serum is entirely reasonable.

Which Are the Active Ingredients?

The Realash eyelash serum is made up of 20 ingredients. Let’s break down which ingredients could possibly stimulate growth, whether a PGA is involved and whether there are any other worrying ingredients.

Prostaglandin analogue: Yes, “Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide” is used.

Other ingredients that could encourage the growth of eyelashes: Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, Panthenol, Acorus Calamus Root Extract, Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract and Linum Usitatissimum Seed Extract.

Questionable ingredients: The prostaglandin analogue used may cause side effects. All other ingredients are considered harmless.

Our Conclusion

If you want visibly longer, thicker, and stronger eyelashes, the “Realash” eyelash serum from Orphica is the right choice for you.

Combining a high level of effectiveness with impeccable quality at a moderate price, it not only offers outstanding value for money, but also contributes to a compelling overall score of 9.8/10 in the Derma Check.

This means that “Realash” is our eyelash serum test winner and our clear recommendation for 2024.

Wimpernserum Miralash
4,331 Reviews
9.2/10 – Excellent
Wimpernserum Miralash
Ingredients & Safety: 9.0/10
(worrying) (very safe)
Lash Growth: 9.2/10
(weak) (very strong)
Lash Density: 9.3/10
(Not dense) (very dense)
Customer Feedback: 9.1/10
(Poor) (Excellent)
Value for Money: 9.4/10
(Poor) (Excellent)
Lengthens and thickens eyelashes effectively.
Has been available for many years – proven formula of active ingredients.
Good value, especially when buying several serums (quantity discount).
Fine brush allows for precise application.
The manufacturer offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.
The visual appearance is not of a very high calibre.
Miralash is not part of a well-known brand.
Beware of fakes – only authorised dealers can guarantee an original product.

In our test, the “Miralash” eyelash serum was particularly impressive due to its affordable price, its effective eyelash growth, and the money-back guarantee.

Although the serum has been available for many years and has a lot of satisfied users, it is not part of a major brand. As a result, we are unable to sufficiently assess the brand reputation, with the exception of the Miralash reviews.

What Kind of People is This Eyelash Serum Particularly Suitable for?

We would recommend it to anyone who wants to experience the benefits of an eyelash serum at a lower cost.

It also pays to order for friends who are interested, as the manufacturer offers very attractive discounts when ordering in bulk. This had a positive effect on our rating for value for money.

How effective and safe is Miralash?

The active ingredient in “Miralash”, just like the test winner “Realash”, is a prostaglandin analogue. When combined with the other ingredients, this active ingredient leads to a visible growth of the eyelashes.

There are rarely any reports of side effects when using “Miralash”. We would therefore rate this eyelash serum as largely well tolerated and safe.

The applicator is fine and makes it possible to apply the serum precisely. However, we had to dip more often to apply the required amount. This is something the test winner “Realash” does better.

How Happy Are the Users?

Several reviews consistently highlight clearly visible growth of the eyelashes and easy application. Another important selling point is the low price.

However, no changes in eyelash volume were observed in 4 out of the 30 test reports that were analysed. All in all, this is still very effective.

There have been a few reports of redness and irritation of the eye, which can also be associated with difficulty during application.

We would therefore like to take this opportunity to advise you once again: Take great care when applying the serum to ensure that the liquid does not get into the eye.

How About the Value for Money??

In comparison to other eyelash serums that contain a PGA as an ingredient, Miralash is available at a reasonable price. If you buy several serums, you get a particularly impressive discount.

In return, you have to accept that the optical appearance is rather “functional”, and that the serum is not from a well-known brand.

Confidence in cosmetic products is often rooted in a positive brand reputation, which is not a buying argument in this case as the manufacturer simply does not offer any other products.

Which Are the Active Ingredients?

There are 16 ingredients in the Miralash eyelash serum. Let’s break down which ingredients might promote growth, whether a PGA is used and whether there are any other problematic ingredients.

Prostaglandin analogue: Yes, “Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide” is used.

Further ingredients which could encourage eyelash growth: Panthenol, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, Niacinamide, Panax Ginseng Root Extract and Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Extract.

Ingredients that raise concerns: The prostaglandin analogue used in this product could cause side effects. All other ingredients are considered harmless.

Our Conclusion

The “Miralash” eyelash serum convinces with a reasonable price, effective active ingredients, and positive reviews. During our test, the applicator impressed us, and the money-back guarantee is also a good selling point.

However, the affordable price is reflected in the packaging, which is little more than functional. At least they didn’t skimp on the ingredients because they clearly deliver – and have been doing so for years.

However, if you would rather place your trust in a well-loved brand, you would be better served by the test winner “Realash”.

Wimpernserum Revitalash
6,422 Reviews
9.0/10 – Excellent
Wimpernserum Revitalash
Ingredients & Safety: 9.6/10
(worrying) (very safe)
Lash Growth: 9.7/10
(weak) (very strong)
Lash Density: 9.2/10
(Not dense) (very dense)
Customer Feedback: 9.1/10
(Poor) (Excellent)
Value for Money: 7.4/10
(Poor) (Excellent)
Lashes grow significantly longer and thicker. Similar impression as with the test winner “Realash”.
Has been established as an effective eyelash serum from the very beginning.
The active ingredient formula is well tolerated.
Internationally represented brand with a positive brand reputation.
The product appears to be of high quality.
The brush only picked up a very small amount of serum, which meant that it had to be redosed several times.
The expensive price casts a shadow over this otherwise effective eyelash serum.

RevitaLash is especially well-known for its established formula and the long-standing brand presence. Although it offers a good balance of effectiveness and skin compatibility, it is priced significantly higher than all the other eyelash serums we tested.

Our results show that the effect is similar to that of the test winner, but you will need to dig deeper into your pockets to pay for it. Nevertheless, RevitaLash deserves the accolade “excellent”.

What Kind of People is This Eyelash Serum Particularly Suitable for?

RevitaLash particularly appeals to users who value a proven brand with a high-quality product and who are willing to pay a much higher price to get this product.

How Effective and Safe is RevitaLash?

Thanks to an active ingredient formula that contains PGA, RevitaLash promotes eyelash growth very effectively. The manufacturer considers safety and tolerability to be high. Nevertheless, as is the case with all products of this type, there may be side effects.

Although the applicator enabled precise application of the product in our test, the brush picked up relatively small amounts of liquid. We had to dip the brush repeatedly to apply the required amount of serum.

How Happy Are the Users?

After analysing the test reports of 30 users, we found that the majority of them were satisfied with the results. They also praised the serum’s yield, which is presumably due to the fact that the brush picks up very little serum.

The high price compared to other eyelash serums was often criticised, as was to be expected. Furthermore, 4 of the users reported irritation and redness. This could, however, also have been due to incorrect or improper application.

How About the Value for Money?

We consider the price of the eyelash serum to be borderline reasonable. The brand’s good reputation, their pioneering work in the field of eyelash serums and continuous research may justify the significantly higher price.

That said, we don’t believe that you need to spend so much money on a good and effective eyelash serum these days. The test winner comes in at nearly half the price, which is why RevitaLash’s score for value for money was significantly lower.

Which Are the Active Ingredients?

The RevitaLash eyelash serum is made up of 19 ingredients. Let’s analyse which ingredients might promote growth, whether a PGA is used and whether there are any other questionable ingredients.

Prostaglandin analogue: Yes, “Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide” is used.

Other ingredients that could favour eyelash growth: Biotin, Panax Ginseng Extract, Serenoa Serrulata Extract, Camellia Sinensis Extract, Swertia Japonica Extract, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 and Octapeptide-2.

Ingredients of concern: The prostaglandin analogue used in the product could cause side effects. The other ingredients are considered harmless.

Our Conclusion

The combination of proven effectiveness, good tolerability and the brand’s strong reputation means that this product is a recommended option if money is no object.

However, it is important to emphasise that you can get two packs of the test winner “Realash” for a similar price.

Wimpernserum Hairlust mobile
1,286 Reviews
8.5/10 – Very Good
Wimpernserum Hairlust
Ingredients & Safety: 10/10
(worrying) (very safe)
Lash Growth: 7.9/10
(weak) (very strong)
Lash Density: 6.8/10
(Not dense) (very dense)
Customer Feedback: 8.5/10
(Poor) (Excellent)
Value for Money: 9.3/10
(Poor) (Excellent)
This is the only PGA-free eyelash serum to make it into our top 5.
Includes a wide range of nourishing and conditioning ingredients as well as specific peptides that may support the growth of eyelashes.
The formulation is well tolerated and is therefore perfect for users with sensitive eye areas.
The certification as a vegan product and the use of organic ingredients emphasises the ethical approach of the brand.
With 8ml of product, it offers excellent value for money.
Compared to serums that contain PGA, the growth is much more moderate.
Beware of fakes – you can only get a guaranteed original product from an authorised dealer.

The “Hairlust” eyelash serum is the only eyelash serum in our top 5 that does not use prostaglandin analogues.

Those who are looking for long, thicker, and stronger eyelashes will be disappointed by the effect of this eyelash serum. If, however, all you want is healthier and slightly longer-looking eyelashes, then it could be the perfect solution.

Among other conditioning eyelash serums, the Superb Lash Serum stands out as a brilliant solution thanks to an impressive combination of safety, conditioning, and sustainability.

What Kind of People is This Eyelash Serum Particularly Suitable for?

The Superb Lash Serum targets those people who are looking for a natural, safe product without prostaglandin analogues and who value skin compatibility and an ethical production process.

Thanks to its gentle formula, it is ideal for users with sensitive skin or around the eyes. As it does not contain PGA, which is known for intensive eyelash growth, users should be realistic when it comes to expectations of growth results.

Compared to serums with PGA, the growth is more moderate, even if there is an improvement in eyelash health and appearance.

How Effective and Safe is das Superb Lash Serum?

This serum stands out because of its safety and gentle effect on the eyelashes. Thanks to the deliberate omission of PGA and the focus on nourishing and growth-promoting peptides, it offers a safe form of treatment.

You should, however, take into consideration that the growth of your eyelashes will not be comparable to that seen with PGA-based serums. Effectiveness can be seen through an improvement in lash texture and health, which leads to a more natural and stronger appearance.

Nevertheless, we were unable to observe a clear measurable increase in the length or density of the lashes, unlike the test winner “Realash”, for example.

How Happy Are the Users?

The customer reviews indicate a high level of satisfaction with how well the serum is tolerated and with the natural ingredients.

Customers are particularly pleased that the serum helps to improve eyelash appearance and health without causing irritation.

This positive reception is reflected in high ratings and a lot of satisfied feedback, which highlight the serum as a gentle and effective treatment for sensitive eyes.

Those who were expecting significant and rapid growth of their eyelashes, however, were rather dissatisfied with the product.

How About the Value for Money?

Given that the content is 8ml, twice that of many competing products, and the high-quality, eco-certified ingredients, we would rate Superb Lash Serum as excellent value for money.

The price appropriately reflects the quality and the quantity of the product and is in keeping with the Hairlust brand, which is known for its trusted and customer-orientated products.

Which Are the Active Ingredients?

Hairlust’s eyelash serum contains 26 ingredients, including several peptides and amino acids. Let’s analyse which ingredients might promote growth and whether there are any questionable ingredients.

Prostaglandin analogue: No, the serum does not contain a prostaglandin analogue.

Other ingredients that could favour eyelash growth: Pisum Sativum Peptide, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3, Trifolium Pratense Flower Extract, Niacinamide and Coffea Arabica Seed Oil.

Questionable ingredients: The ingredients can be considered harmless.

Our Conclusion

While Hairlust’s Superb Lash Serum may not match the growth-boosting effects of its PGA-containing counterparts on paper, it does impress with its ethical manufacturing, the use of organic ingredients and its high level of safety.

It is the only serum in our top list that does not contain PGA, underlining its position as a safe, if more moderate, alternative to the growth-accelerating PGA serums.

Despite the more natural growth results, it offers a noticeable improvement in lash health and appearance. This, together with exceptional customer satisfaction and excellent value for money, earns Superb Lash Serum its well-earned 4th place in our 2024 ranking of the best eyelash serums.

It is ideal for people who would prefer a product that is free of prostaglandins and low in side effects, with a more subtle effect.

Wimpernserum Nutridome
514 Reviews
8.5/10 – Very Good
Wimpernserum Nutridome
Ingredients & Safety: 8.4/10
(worrying) (very safe)
Lash Growth: 8.0/10
(weak) (very strong)
Lash Density: 7.6/10
(Not dense) (very dense)
Customer Feedback: 8.5/10
(Poor) (Excellent)
Value for Money: 10/10
(Poor) (Excellent)
Eyelashes become longer and thicker.
We were convinced by the combination of ingredients.
Nutridome is the cheapest PGA-based eyelash serum in our test.
It is part of an extremely successful brand, especially in Poland.
There are only very few authentic user experiences available.
Relatively new on the market – the formula has not yet been tried and tested.

Overall, we were won over by the Nutridome eyelash serum in the test. On paper, the ingredients look good, and the product promises effective eyelash growth.

No other eyelash serum containing PGA was as affordable in our test series. In the beginning, there were doubts about the effect, but these were quickly dispelled during the course of our tests.

What Kind of People is This Eyelash Serum Particularly Suitable for?

If you have never used an eyelash serum before and don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Nutridome eyelash serum could be a good choice.

It is considerably more affordable than the test winner “Realash” and costs only a fraction of the price charged by “RevitaLash”.

Those who value an established brand, an established product and a tried-and-tested formula of active ingredients should, however, opt for the test winner.

How Effective and Safe is Nutridome?

We believe that the product and the ingredients it contains are effective and safe.

Given the modest price, it might be assumed that the concentration of the active ingredient PGA could be slightly lower than that of the competition. Consequently, this would also result in less eyelash growth.

Since we have not analysed the ingredients in the laboratory, however, we are unable to say for sure.

The applicator ensured precise application during testing. This helps to avoid mistakes and incorrect application and reduces any potential irritation and irritation around the eye.

How Happy Are the Users?

Although there are relatively few user experiences with this eyelash serum, the ones that are available are very positive.

The effectiveness is confirmed, and one user stated that it was the first serum that had not caused her any irritation. We were unable to find out which serums she had used previously, however.

Users on the manufacturer’s website are entirely satisfied, although we are unable to ascertain the authenticity of the testimonials.

All in all, we were left with a very positive impression: from the delivery to the packaging, to the product itself. Everything indicates good quality, which you wouldn’t necessarily expect at such a low price.

How About the Value for Money??

In our series of tests, the Nutridome eyelash serum is the most affordable product with prostaglandin analogue as the active ingredient. Since the other aspects are also convincing and of good quality, it has earned the top score for value for money – a full 10 out of 10 points.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer, but at this price the financial risk is not great.

Which Are the Active Ingredients?

The Nutridome eyelash serum is made up of 19 ingredients. Let’s break down which ingredients are potentially growth-promoting, whether a PGA is used and if there are any other potentially harmful ingredients.

Prostaglandin analogue: Yes, “Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide” is used.

Other ingredients that might promote eyelash growth: Panthenol, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, Equisetum Arvense Leaf Extract, Linum Usitatissimum Seed Extract and Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract

Questionable ingredients: The prostaglandin analogue may cause side effects. The other ingredients can be considered harmless.

Our Conclusion

The Nutridome eyelash serum proved to be an inexpensive and effective option in our test, which is particularly suitable for first-time users or those who don’t want to spend a lot of money.

That said, the product’s fairly new market position needs to be considered. It is suitable for price-conscious individuals, but those who are looking for proven formulas and brand reputation might be better off with more established options such as “Realash” or “RevitaLash”.

All in all, we believe that this serum is an interesting choice in the eyelash serum market, but one that should be treated with caution.

The Top 5 Eyelash Serums 2024 Side-by-Side

Poor: Watch out for These 3 Eyelash Serums!

There were three products in our eyelash serum test that caught our attention in a particularly negative way, and we had to give them a rating of “Poor”. These are the eyelash serums from “WEWELL”, “WUIIL” and “MELARQT”.

Beware of These Deficient Lash Serums
The eyelash serums from “WUIIL”, “WEWELL” and “MELARQT” scored “Poor” in our test.

There are numerous and serious reasons for this poor rating.

Inadequate Declaration of Ingredients

First of all, we noticed that the declaration of the ingredients in these eyelash serum products was insufficient. This is of particular concern because consumers have a right to know exactly what substances they are using on their skin and near their eyes. It is therefore essential to list the ingredients clearly and comprehensively, but this was neglected here.

Buying Fake Reviews and Poor Voucher Practices

Our research further led us to suspect that these brands may be buying fake reviews. In a similar vein, vouchers were offered in exchange for positive reviews, undermining the credibility of these customer reviews even further.

Dubious Sales Practices and Non-Transparent Production

We also found the sales practices of these eyelash serum brands to be shady. Business practices that lack transparency, such as untraceable manufacturing headquarters and obscure production processes, cast doubt on the seriousness and reliability of the producers.

This uncertainty is particularly problematic for products that come into direct contact with sensitive areas such as the eyes.

Problems With the Declaration of Ingredients

We also identified another issue where ingredients were listed twice on the packaging of the serums. This may suggest negligent production or poor-quality control and raises questions about the accuracy and reliability of information on the product.

WeWell Lash Serum Lists the Same Ingredient Twice
The “WEWELL” eyelash serum lists the same ingredient twice.

Additionally, there is also a suspicion that the serums may contain undeclared ingredients. Considering that such substances could have unforeseen or even harmful effects on the health of users, this is particularly alarming.

We Advise Caution

Faced with these problems, we advise consumers to exercise caution when buying these specific eyelash serums. Consumers need to be fully informed and select products that are transparent and honest regarding their contents and manufacturing practices.

We Tested These 31 Eyelash Serums

Lash Serums We Tested
We tested 31 different eyelash serums. The “Hairlust” lash serum is not shown in the picture as it was added to the test at a later date.

12 Lash Serums with PGA as an Active Ingredient:

  • Orphica Realash Eyelash Serum (Test Winner) (PGA: Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide)
  • Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner (PGA: Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide)
  • Miralash Eyelash Serum (PGA: Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide)
  • Nutridome Eyelash Serum (PGA: Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide)
  • XLash Eyelash Serum (PGA: Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide)
  • Nanolash Eyelash Serum (PGA: Ethyl Tafluprostamide)
  • Lashcocaine Eyelash Serum m (PGA: Ethyl Tafluprostamide)
  • Jeuxlore Superlative Lash Eyelash Serum (PGA: Isopropyl Cloprostenate)
  • Uklash Eyelash Serum (PGA: Isopropyl Cloprostenate)
  • Trucosmetics Eyelashserum strong Eyelash Serum (PGA: Isopropyl Cloprostenate)
  • Long4Lashes Eyelash Serum PGA: Norbimatoprost)
  • M2 Beauté Eyelash Activating Serum (PGA: Norbimatoprost)

19 Lash Serums Without PGA as an Active Ingredient:

  • KU2 Cosmetics Eyelash Serum
  • Hairlust Eyelash Serum
  • Balea Eyelash Serum
  • MBC2 Eyelash Serum
  • Medipharma Cosmetics Eyelash Serum
  • ForChics Forlash Eyelash Serum
  • Luxeol Serum Cils Eyelash Serum
  • Lancôme Eyelash Serum
  • ROSELASH Eyelash Serum
  • Olaplex LashBond Eyelash Serum
  • THE ORDINARY Eyelash Serum
  • Kikilash Eyelash Serum
  • Junglück Eyelash Serum
  • FOREO IRIS Eyelash Serum
  • Feminera Eyelash Serum
  • MELARQT Eyelash Serum
  • WUIIL Eyelash Serum
  • WEWELL Eyelash Serum
  • Lashcocaine PepActive Eyelash Serum

How do Eyelash Serums Work?

Not all eyelash serums will make your eyelashes longer and thicker. A lot of products merely provide conditioning effects but lack any growth-promoting properties.

During our in-depth analysis, we discovered that serums containing prostaglandin analogues significantly stimulate eyelash growth. However, serums without this active ingredient generally fail to achieve a noticeable increase in the growth of the lashes.

For this reason, we divide eyelash serums into two categories:

Category A: Lash Serums That Promote Growth

Eyelash serums designed to promote growth usually contain a prostaglandin analogue as their active ingredient. Prostaglandin analogues stimulate the growth of eyelashes by extending the growing phase (anagen phase) of the hair follicles and hence affecting their growth cycle.

With and Without Lash Serum Comparison Illustration English

Thanks to the prolonged growing phase, this also increases the number of eyelashes visible at any given time. 

As a result, they not only grow longer, but also significantly fuller.

Production of melanin can also be increased. For some users this can result in darker lashes, which makes them appear even stronger and thicker.

That said, eyelash serums with PGA may also trigger side effects such as itchy, stinging, and teary eyes, irritation of the skin of the eyelid or the eye and, in isolated cases, even a slight discolouration of the skin.

To minimise the risk of side effects, be sure to choose an eyelash serum with high-quality ingredients, an established formula, and a brand with a trustworthy reputation. 

This choice is crucial to ensure your safety and achieve the desired effects, especially when it comes to products that work with powerful ingredients.

Category B: Conditioning Lash Serums

Conditioning eyelash serums don’t usually have any effect on growth. 

Without prostaglandin analogues as ingredients, any visible eyelash growth is usually negligible.

Often, they combine purely conditioning ingredients with certain peptides. These act as a signal to the body that a protein needs to be repaired and can, in theory, result in a slight increase in the growth of the lashes.

However, there is a wide variety of peptides, and all of them have different effects. Not every peptide promotes growth. Furthermore, there is a lack of conclusive studies and research.

Lash serums with peptides are generally well tolerated. But even in these cases there can be occasional side effects such as irritation, redness, scaling or itching.

This is how we Tested and Evaluated the Eyelash Serums

How We Tested Lash Serums
Every eyelash serum has been painstakingly reviewed and tested by us.

We aimed to identify and evaluate the best and safest eyelash serums on the market. To achieve this, we developed a rigorous testing process considering a variety of aspects of the products.

How we Chose the Eyelash Serums to Test

We initially concentrated on selecting the most popular eyelash serums. We researched products that were popular on a range of online platforms, promoted in beauty magazines, bestselling products on product sites, long-established serums, and also popular newcomers. The aim of this diversity was to ensure that we covered a wide range of products.

Independent Purchase of the Selected Eyelash Serums

Once we had completed the selection process, we purchased all the products ourselves and refused to accept any free samples.

Testing of the Eyelash Serums

Once we had purchased each serum, we carried out an in-depth analysis. One of the key aspects was to analyse the ingredients. We wanted to understand exactly which ingredients were in the serums and how they affect lash growth and density.

Evaluation of Eyelash Serums Containing PGA

We paid extra close attention to the eyelash serums containing prostaglandin analogues (PGAs). Despite evidence that PGAs can cause side effects, we have found that they frequently produce the best results in terms of eyelash growth. Therefore, we have not automatically rated such products lower. We will leave it to you to assess the individual risk – and we will support you in the decision-making process.

Use and Design

Brush Design and Applicability of the Lash Serums
We compared and tested the different brushes, their ability to take up the serum and their ease of application.

We also tested the practical application: How easy is it to apply the serum? Does the product drip? Are there any unpleasant smells? In addition, we paid attention to whether the products were securely sealed before opening them for the first time.

Declaration and Transparency

Another important aspect was the declaration of ingredients. We investigated whether the manufacturers provided transparent and clear information about the ingredients.

Evaluation of the Results

The test findings for the serums were a key part of our evaluation. We tested many of the eyelash serums ourselves, but as we were unable to test all 31 products ourselves, we incorporated third-party reviews, test reports, testimonials, and opinions into our analysis. Having this information helped us to build a comprehensive picture of the effectiveness of each product.

Analysis of Potential Side Effects

We scrutinised both the potential side effects according to the analysis of the ingredients and the feedback from customers. We used this to shed light on the potential risks of the products.

Long-Term Use

Where similar ingredients were involved, we preferred products that had already been established on the market for some time. Long-term proven performance indicated reliability and safety.

Reputation of the Manufacturer

Another important factor was the reputation of the manufacturer. We investigated possible shady sales practices and how easy the warranty process was.

Value for Money

Finally, we assessed the cost-benefit balance based on all the previous parameters. Doing so helped us to evaluate the products in a broader context.

The Results

Thanks to this meticulous process, we have been able to carry out an in-depth evaluation of the various eyelash serums. We aimed to provide transparent and helpful information so you can make the best decision for your requirements.

Summary of the Top 5 Eyelash Serums:

  1. For the best results in the shortest time:
    Realash Eyelash Serum from Orphica (Rated 9.8/10, Outstanding)
  2. For good results at an affordable price:
    Miralash Eyelash Serum (Rated 9.2/10, Excellent)
  3. When price is no object, and the test winner is not available:
    RevitaLash Eyelash Serum from RevitaLash Cosmetics (Rated 9.0/10, Excellent)
  4. If the eyelash serum should be free of PGA:
    Superb Lash Serum by Hairlust (Rated 8.5/10, Very Good)
  5. If the price is most important:
    Nutridome Eyelash Serum (Rated 8.5/10, Very Good)
The Derma Check blue

Using Eyelash Serum the Right Way:

  • Preparation of the eye area: It is important to completely remove any make-up and grime before applying Eyelash Serum.
  • Use of eye cream: If you use eye cream, make sure it is fully absorbed before applying Eyelash Serum. Do not apply the cream directly onto the lash line since this could interfere with the absorption of the serum.
  • Applying the serum: Use caution when applying the serum. Either massage it in gently or allow it to dry. To prevent smudging of mascara or eyeliner, avoid applying the serum just before going to bed or before applying make-up.
  • Frequency of use: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use. In the case of eyelash serums with PGA, it is normally enough to apply the serum once a day. As soon as you have achieved the desired result, it is generally enough to apply the serum two to three times per week to maintain the length of the lashes.
  • Expiry date and quality of the brush: Pay attention to the expiry date of the serum, usually three to six months after opening, to avoid bacterial contamination. Using a good quality brush makes the application easier: a brush that is too fine means more frequent dipping, while a brush that is too thick can lead to dripping and side effects.
  • No rinsing required: There is no need to wash off your Eyelash Serum.
  • No sharing: Do not share the serum with others to help minimise the risk of bacteria being transferred.
  • Pausing the application: You can pause the use of the serum whenever you like. If you do, your lashes will go through their normal growth cycle and revert to their original length.
  • Pay attention to side effects: If there are any side effects beyond just normal dryness of the eyes, discontinue use of the product and think about submitting a complaint.

Are Lash Serums Dangerous?

Eyelash serums don’t enjoy the best reputation in the beauty industry. One of the main reasons for this is that many of these products contain prostaglandin analogues (PGAs). Although these ingredients are extremely effective for eyelash growth, they can cause side effects in some users.

Correct Use for Maximum Safety

To keep the risk of side effects to a minimum, it is crucial to use the serum correctly. Here are some of the most important points to bear in mind:

  1. Product selection: Opt for a serum that is made by reputable manufacturers and has positive reviews.
  2. Frequency of use: Follow the recommended frequency of application carefully. Overuse can increase the risk of side effects.
  3. Avoid eye contact: It is important not to allow the serum to come into direct contact with the eye as this can cause irritation and contribute to other side effects.
  4. Allergy testing: We recommend testing the serum on a small patch of skin, such as the forearm, before using it on the eye for the first time. This will help to establish whether allergic reactions may develop.

Position of the European Commission

The European Commission has completed an evaluation process for cosmetic products that contain PGA. So far, (at the time of publication of this article), no concrete action has been taken. As a result, in most countries eyelash serums containing PGA are still freely available for sale. This further highlights the importance of personal responsibility and the need for careful use by consumers.


In conclusion, it can be said that eyelash serums are mostly safe when used correctly and in line with the rules mentioned above. However, it’s important to recognise that every individual will react differently to beauty products. This is why users should be extra careful when they apply a product for the very first time and closely track their body’s reaction.

Dr. Rosmy Barrios 125
This article has been reviewed by Dr Rosmy Barrios. It helps us to publish correct, complete, and factual content that is in line with the latest scientific research. Dr Rosmy Barrios is a renowned specialist in Aesthetic Medicine and has a wealth of international experience. She has no influence on the selection of products, the testing methods, or the rankings. Here you can find out more about our editorial guidelines.
The Derma Check Profile Image
The test team at The Derma Check researches all products extensively, specifying the key quality features and analysing relevant research. We purchase the products we test ourselves and put them through intensive trials with our editorial team and volunteer testers. You can learn more about our testing process here.

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