Zinc in skin care products: A mineral with versatile skin benefits

February 2024
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  • Type of ingredient: Mineral
  • Main benefits: Fights acne, has an anti-inflammatory effect, protects against UV rays
  • Ideal for: Acne-prone skin, inflamed skin, as sun protection
  • Frequency of use: Daily, depending on the product formulation
  • Combines well with: Other soothing and repairing ingredients
  • To be avoided in case of: Hypersensitivity to zinc

Introduction: What is zinc?

Zinc, an essential mineral found in our bodies and in the earth, is an important ingredient in many skin care products. It is known for its healing, protective and anti-inflammatory properties.

Benefits of zinc for the skin

Acne control

Zinc has an antibacterial effect and can therefore help to combat acne.


It soothes the skin and can relieve inflammation and redness.

Sun protection

As an ingredient in physical sun creams, zinc protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Possible side effects of zinc

Dryness and irritation

In rare cases, dryness and irritation may occur, especially if the concentration is too high.

Whitish residues

Sun creams containing zinc can leave a white film on the skin.

Use of zinc in skin care products

Correct application

  • As part of your daily skincare routine: Use zinc-containing products daily, especially for acne-prone skin.
  • For sun protection: Choose sun creams with zinc oxide for effective UV protection.

How not to use it

  • Avoid in case of hypersensitivity: People with known hypersensitivity to zinc should avoid the corresponding products.
  • Do not use in too high a concentration: To avoid dryness and irritation, zinc should not be used in excessively high concentrations.


1. is zinc suitable for all skin types? Yes, zinc is suitable for almost all skin types, especially for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

2. can zinc prevent sunburn? Yes, as an ingredient in sun creams, zinc can effectively protect against sunburn.

3. how does zinc work in combination with other ingredients? Zinc works well in combination with other soothing and repairing ingredients and enhances their positive effects.


Zinc is a versatile and effective mineral in skin care, offering both protective and healing properties. It is particularly useful for people with acne-prone or inflamed skin and as a safe and effective sunscreen. Correct application and dosage are crucial to achieve the best results and promote skin health.

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